How To Connect More Than One AV Device To A TV With Only 1 Scart Socket

Many modern television sets only have one or two scart sockets. This can cause problems if like most of us you have many devices you need to connect to the television. The average household in the United Kingdom will have a DVD player, an older video recorder, a games console and some form of set-top box either a satellite or cable box. With all these devices requiring their own scart socket. It's easy to see how you can quickly run out of spare sockets. However there is a solution, you can use a scart splitter box. These boxes allow you to add extra scart sockets to your television quickly, easily and at a very cost-effective price.

There are a three main types of scart splitter available. By far the most common is a simple none switched device. This is a small box with anything from three to five scart sockets, it also has a cable with a scart plug. You simply plug your devices into the box, and then plug the cable from the box into your television. With none switched boxes It's important to remember you must switch off wherever equipment is not in use. If you have a DVD player and a satellite system connected to the box and you want to watch the DVD you must switch off the Satellite; if you do not, the box will not know which signal to show. The manual box is the cheapest option. You can buy a manual scart box from four pounds in the United Kingdom.

Another type of box available is the switched scart splitter. This type of box has buttons next to each of the scart sockets. You can then select which device you wish to use by simply pressing the button next to the corresponding socket. This type of scart splitter allows you to keep all your devices switched on and select them via the button on the scart adapter. Switched scart boxes typically cost from ten pounds.

The final type of scart splitter box is the automatic scart splitter, as the name suggests this type of box automatically selects the device. It does this by detecting the prominent signal and playing that to the television. These are the most convenient of all the boxes as they do not require any operator control. This type of box is the most expensive, you can expect to spend anything from twenty pounds upwards.