How to Control the Uric Acid Level? Know the Power of Molybdenum

In protein metabolism, uric acid is the end product. It is present in the blood and the urine. Our body has to maintain the uric acid level within an acceptable range. American Medical Association has prescribed the range of uric acid in the blood plasma between 3.6 mg/dL and 8.4 mg/dL.

Before we discuss about the controlling aspect, we should know the problems associated with the deficiency or abundance of this acid in our body.

If the level is elevated more than the range, it gets deposited in joints, tendons and surrounding areas. This will lead to a kind of arthritis. This is called gout. Kidney stone formation is possible. Though half of the antioxidant capacity for blood plasma is coming from uric acid, the elevated level might lead to pro-oxidant situation. Consequently, cardiovascular diseases cannot be ruled out.

If the level is below the range, it affects the central nerve system. Obviously, this will lead to many nervous related diseases.

Food habits and hereditary reasons are the main causes for low or high level.

Taking plenty of water and eating vegetarian foods can maintain the level.

I would have wasted your precious time if I stop here with the above advice. Now read the important aspect of controlling the uric acid level.

There is an enzyme called xanthine oxidase. This enzyme helps in the production of uric acid. Molybdenum is an essential part of this enzyme. What does that mean? If appropriate level of molybdenum is provided, uric acid level can also be maintained.

Molybdenum is a trace mineral. Milk and milk products, green vegetables and grains can provide this mineral. Of course, if the soil is deficient with molybdenum, these sources will also lack the same. It is also rich in organ meat products like liver and kidney.

However, molybdenum has a side effect. Since USA is rich in this trace mineral, instead of deficiency, abundance could be the culprit. Molybdenum inhibits copper and iron absorption in the intestine. This is precisely the reason why it is always recommended to look at the nutrition requirement in its totality instead of in isolation.

Unless copper and iron minerals are supplemented, taking molybdenum alone to maintain the uric acid level will lead to serious health issues. Having known this, the next task is to find an equation between molybdenum on the one side and copper and iron on the other side. Since this involves lot of science, I am sure that even medical practitioner may not be able to give you the right prescription instantaneously.

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