How to Convert a Desktop Computer to WiFi

WiFi or wireless fidelity connection makes internet connection a lot more convenient. In this way, you can connect more computer to a wireless connection to anywhere in the house. The process is fairly easy as long as you have the right tools to use.

You need to make your desktop computer wireless ready first. While you can connect to a wireless router using an Ethernet cable, it is still better to connect using wireless signals as this is really the whole point of the process.

Unfortunately, most Desktop PCs are not yet wireless ready. If your computer belongs to them, you can purchase wireless card and install it in your mother board the same way you will install a memory card.

The next thing you need to do is to purchase a competent wireless router. This usually costs less than a hundred dollars for a decent brand. Once you have these ready, do the following steps:

Step 1: Place your router on an area where it can transmit signal to every part of the house easily. This should be next to your DSL or wireless internet adapter. If you are using DSL, you can remove the Ethernet connection that connects the modem to your desktop. Connect one end to the modem and the other end at the back port of the router.

Step 2: Now that your desktop is wireless ready, it should be able to pick up signals once you turn on the computer, router and modem. Turn the modem first and then the router and then your computer. Allow the router and modem to process the connection first.

Step 3: Do some configurations to your wifi connection. Log on to the IP address of your router settings, input password and username and then change SSID settings and password settings to make it more secure. Now that you have wireless connection, other computers can enter your local area connection.

Step 4: Save the changes you made and then click log off router settings. You can connect as many computers as you can. As long as it is wireless ready, it will already pick up signal. Just input the router password to the other computers and you should be able to connect to the computer.

Just follow these steps in converting your desktop PC into a computer that is wireless ready. Be able to experience the benefits of connecting and communicating with other computers without the cumbersome and restrictive cables and wires.