How to Cover Up an Internal Door With a Door Skin?

We all have doors! The coolest next step is to accessorize your door. Show your style, customize your space, brand your environment by dressing up your entrances or pathways to other rooms.

Most premises, whether they be a café, shop, office, bar, home or school all have doors that serve as the perfect frame for an artwork skin. Store rooms, toilets, kitchens, staff only areas, server rooms and many other types of rooms have internal doors leading into them.

If your doors are flat interior structures, then a unique and cost effective way to both use a boring space while enhancing your style or brand is to add a door skin.

All doors have a frame, creating a natural shape for a unique artwork. These can be called door covers if they are a poster, or a door skin or door wrap if it is adhesive panel attached to the wood.

There are 5 special ways to use a door skin or door wrap to customise your space.

1. Choose a geometric pattern in a colour that matches your brand or style and order a vinyl door skin that matches that style. You can use circles, ovals, rectangles, points, stars and 3d textures to create effect on the space.

2. Create a design with the help of a designer that reflects your brand or style in words. For example, the very popular travel scrolls style where words are listed downwards, or a more causal style with words horizontal and vertical that reflect your brand.

3. Pick a photograph that emits the feeling you want in your space. For example, nature images of flowers, birch forests or jungles, or perhaps you prefer your door to lead to beach, snow, fire or desert.

4. The most awesome examples we love are the 3D door panels that pretend you are in a lift, or that goblins are peering around the corner, or that a horse is standing in its horse stall.

5. Find designer door skins that are textured. These include crocodile skin, faux fur, carbon fibre metals or brushed steel.

Door skins or door covers are often made from self adhesive vinyl that looks flush to the door when applied, can be repositioned and are a very cost effective way to decorate your space with a customised solution.

A further benefit is that you could use door skins or door covers to decorate your commercial or residential space with seasonal decorating ideas. For example, a door design for Christmas could include a giant present. Once applied to the door it will be transformed from a boring plain door, to a fun colourful Christmas present. A similar seasonal idea could be for Halloween. Perhaps a design of a boarded up door with KEEP OUT written on it. For Easter, the inside of a rabbit burrow acting like a Easter egg factory making eggs. The ideas are endless.

The fun and enjoyment of door skins is priceless and if you can find the ones which are repositionable and able to be moved or stored then the initial price is minimal compared to the impact for your branding in store or in office.