How to Create A Classic English Country Style Room

Unlike most other decorating styles, the Classic English country style invites the use of multiple colors, patterns and textures and once you understand these concepts it is actually quite an easy design concept to achieve in almost any home.

Many interior design concepts require an element of research based around a period of time, whereas the English Country home design pallet is timeless. You do not need specific architectural details within your home from set periods of time and even the most modern or plain rooms can be transformed.


This interior design style is really relaxed and should reflect your personality. It can there before be casual or formal, but should always remain functional. When putting a Classic English Country style together, always remember to think about the feelings you are trying to evoke. You want to create a cozy, warm room that communicates a sense of love, belonging and family. They are bright airy spaces, which demonstrate a love of nature. Imagine standing in the middle of an English meadow in the height of summer; the warmth of the sunshine, a gentle breeze, the smells, sounds and colors surrounding you – how can you replicate this within your room? It may be as simple as opening a window and seeing a white linen curtain blow in the gentle breeze, or having a centerpiece of sweet spotted roses and decorations that naturally bring nature into your home.


Use colors, shades and hues that reflect nature. Often pastel colors work well with this style but you will need plenty of them. Think about an English country garden; use minority greens as base colors and then infuse splashes of rose pinks, yellows and creams. Floral patterns are key to creating this style, especially on curtains, wallpaper, and other fabrics within the room such as sofas, chairs, or bedding. Be sure to use at least three or four different colors and combinations of complimenting patterns and wherever possible emulate the countryside with floral prints and natural materials.


Wherever possible use furniture that is traditional in style and in contrast to the minority colors used for the fabrication of the space, opt for solid dark furniture made from natural materials such as wood that is sturdy and built to last. The furniture does not have to be antique but should give this impression, either with the finishing of the paint or surface, or within the fine details. A variety of shapes, scrolls, and traditional detailing, often fairly ornate in style work really well with this design concept. When considering a sofa, dining room chairs, beds or large pieces of furniture, ensure that their base is solid and gives an impression of grandeur, but then mix this with the delicate use of soft floral fabric coverings.

The Finishing Touches:

The English Country style is not shy of a bit of clutter and the use of small antiques, ornaments, cushions, throws, table runners and the like, are a must! You can really go to town with this styling, provided you stay true to a traditional sense of style and a soft color pallet; lamps, rugs, chandeliers, family photographs and artwork all work really well within this space, but be careful not to go over board, you are trying to achieve a 'lived in look' and not a messy one.

In complete contrast to the dark heavy wooden furniture within the room, ensuring that the furnishings of the room are finished in a light color pallet. For example, picture rails, mantles, window frames, fireplaces should be in shades of white to create a chic base for your room. If you are considering a mirror, which is great for reflecting natural light around the room, think about the weight of its frame. Rather than going for a heavy, traditional gold frame, considering achieving the ornate look with a rococo mirror with an antique finish, or a thin framed overmantle mirror in a white, cream or even dull silver. Choose a frame that has an intricate detail but that is fine and delicate.

Think about the materials within the room, as well as a light airy color pallet and intricate patterns, consider using natural materials such as light linens and lace. Do not be afraid to include the use of braiding, beading, tassels and intricate embroidery. Arts and crafts are a terrific association with the English countryside and so the more home elements such as quilts, tapestries and so forth the better.

Therefore to create your quintessentially English Country style home, use soft pastel colors, floral patterns, traditional or antique furniture and multiple accessories. Create cozy, lived in rooms that work for you and your family and reflect a love of nature.