How to Create Shoe Closet Shelves

Another way to avoid shoe mess is to create some shoe closet for arranging, and finding, the kinds of shoes that are used on various occasions. Simple layered shoe closets are the best choice for this as you could use them in some closets and are customizable. Creating shelves in the shoe closet is an easy project. There are power tools that’ll be utilized, so safety must always be practiced.

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • 1×8 boards
  • Table saw
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • 1 1/2 inches wood screws
  • 3/4 inches plywood
  • Router
  • Sander
  • Paint or Stain

Step #1

When creating shelves there are various designs that you could follow, think about the amount of shoes that you have and how you’d like them to be arranged. For this DIY project, the design is just a 2-leveled rack that’ll hold some pairs of shoes for excellent organization.

Step #2

Making use of the table saw, cut the 1×8 boards into 4 feet sections. You’ll need to have four of these.

Step #3

Utilize a tape measure and put a position 12 inch up from the base of the board. Utilize a protractor and mark a 20-degree angle. Put a line from this marked part to the edge of the board. Draw a line exactly 1-inch above. Repeat this procedure another 12 inch above the 2nd line that was made. Do the similar set of lines on the other boards. These slots must be angled away from the front part of the board.

Step #4

Make a straight cutting bit in the router and make the depth so it is 3/4 inch of the way through the board. Cut out the wooden board from between the two 1-inch lines. Ensure not to go through the marks.

Step #5

Draw a mark for a piece of the 3/4 inches plywood for a 4 ft by 4 ft section. Cut this with a saw.

Step #6

Drill four holes in the plywood backing. There must be 1 in each corner of the wood. Set the two pieces of 1×8 on their sides and place the plywood above them. Line the edges up and secure it with wood screws. Utilize a small nail to tap the screw heads in the surface of the board.

Step #7

Utilize some putty to cover the screws and sand it smoothly. Continue sanding the whole shelving unit before painting or staining. Take note to sand the other pieces of 4 ft 1×8. These would serve as shelves.

Step #8

Once the shelves are sanded, utilize your choice of stain or paint. Once the stain, or the paint, has dried, drop the shelves in the slots and begin organizing your shoes.