How to Create the Perfect Ambiance in Your Home Using Lighting

The easiest way to change up the mood of your home is through lighting. In fact, lighting can change much more than just the ambiance of a room, it can also affect your health, the comfort of your home, the appearance of your dÊcor and its colors, and the overall feel of a room, all of this by simply changing one aesthetic.

How you light a room can make all the difference, whether it is artificial light or natural light.

Tips for creating the perfect ambiance in your home:

1.Natural light: It helps us thrive, it is the key to a healthy body, mind and our well-being. Your home can also benefit from natural lighting, too. This type of light can actually kill that bacteria that thrive in dark spaces, driving it out. And natural light creates the type of ambiance that artificial light just can not.

In natural light, you feel more wake and alive, which is perfect for a sunny breakfast nook, a kitchen (who wants to create in a dark kitchen?), A playroom or artist's space. Have a workout or yoga room? Natural light can help you feel more energized there, too.

2. Bright rooms: Small rooms feel bigger when you brighten them. Natural light, or any type of illumination here, can fool your brain into seeing a larger space. And just the opposite: If you have a larger room that you would like to make feel cozier, add dark, large furniture with subdued lighting.

3. Multiple lamps: In the evening, multiple lighting sources can help make your home seem more inviting, rather than, say, a bright overhead light fixture. Leave the operating room lights out of it, and really create an ambiance that is comforting and warm. Wall sconces through your home can help to seemingly enlarge your interiors visually, while making your home a place you want to linger.

4. Window treatments: Window treatments can allow light in, or keep it out. If you are trying to maximize the natural light, look to lighter curtains and lighter blinds, that let light in. Want that cozy, warm feel in your great room or bedroom? Heavy drapes, dark blinds and layered fabrics can keep out the natural light, giving you a more cave-like feel.

5. Artificial light: Artificial light has come a long way, and it can really work to beautify your home. There are fun, eco-friendly LED fixtures that are both innovative and warm, reflecting off your walls, ceilings and even floors to give you a unique look. Use this type of lighting to really highlight any unusual or creative architecture or artwork in your home.

Using lighting can really create the perfect ambiance in your home. Walk through each room and decide what you want that room to feel like, and then, using trial and error, find your home's perfect lighting!