How to Cure Hemorrhoids – Key Steps to Curing Piles

Whilst there is no absolute cure for hemorrhoids there are things you can do to ease the symptoms and prevent the recurrence of the problem. That might sound like a cure to you but in reality what works for one person may not work for another due to a whole host of reasons. With this said, here are some tips that may help your problems with piles.

Hemorrhoids are simply the swelling of blood vessels in one part of the rectum or anus. This swelling is tender and can be painful to the touch or be easily lacerated causing bleeding.

Many hemorrhoids have no symptoms and swell up and simply shrink back to normal without the individual ever being aware of them. In fact, research suggests that hemorrhoids are far more common that we actually think but since there are no symptoms they are never felt nor reported.

However, chronic or developed hemorrhoids can be extremely distressing. They can cause bleeding, itching and pain. If they become prolapsed they can hang out of the anus and may require surgery or some other procedure to effect a fix. If they become thrombosed they can cause hard lumps on the anus that makes it impossible to sit down without feeling pain and discomfort.

So effecting a cure for hemorrhoids requires dealing with the symptoms and the root cause of the condition. Dealing with the symptoms may involve applying a soothing agent that eases the pain. This can be applied directly with the hand for external piles or with a suppository or a pile pipe. You may also apply ice to the tender parts to sooth or take a sitz bath for both internal and external piles. You can even apply natural soothing agents if you prefer a more homeopathic solution.

Dealing with the root cause is more problematic. The reason for this is that we do not really know why hemorrhoids occur. Latest advice seems to suggest that what you eat will make a big difference. In short, more fiber and liquids will ensure that any waste material that passes through the rectum will be soft and motile. This lessens the chance of hemorrhoids developing because constipation and hard stools are thought to put the anal canal and anus under undue pressure that may cause swollen blood vessels. Also exercise and keeping the body healthy is the key to curing piles.

In short, hemorrhoids are a symptom that something is not quite right with the body. Due to the complexity of the human body putting your finger on the exact problem is not always that easy. So the theory goes that by keeping the body in it’s best possible condition will prevent things like piles occurring. It’s good advice because it may prevent many other ailments from occurring too.