How To Cure Your Acne Super Fast With Natural Treatments That Are Safe And Effective

It can be a tedious task to find out how to cure your acne super fast especially if you have a special occasion coming up soon. Fortunately though, there are a wide variety of natural acne treatments that will help eliminate acne without any side effects. Here are a few natural acne treatment options that you can consider:


Besides easing the common cold symptoms, zinc supplements if a great remedy to eliminate acne symptoms. One study concluded that 100mg of zinc outperformed a 250mg dose of tetracycline antibiotic, although it depends entirely on you on what you consider to be "super fast." Truth is, if you have a function in a day or two and you are looking for a solution to work that fast, the zinc remedy may not be what you need.


Making a facial mask with oatmeal and applying it topically to your acne is a great remedy to cure acne super fast. When you apply the oatmeal warm to the areas affected, it will cause your pores to open while soothing your skin. The oatmeal has terpinin-4-ol which is natural antimicrobial that will destroy any bacterium that resides on your skin. Majority of the oatmeal remedies that you will find will instruct you to prepare the meal hot as if you were going to have it as a meal but then you should allow it to cool to low temperature that will not burn your skin. Once you apply the oatmeal to the affected areas, you can let it stay on for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with some warm water. Many persons have achieved amazing results with this method. This remedy is a great method on how to cure your acne super fast if you consider a 'within weeks' to be "super fast."


The use of garlic is a very cheap alternative to treating acne, and is widely considered to be an anti-viral, anti-septic, and anti-oxidant agent which can be used both as a topical and oral remedy. The garlic can be crushed with water and then make into a paste to be used topically. Once you make the paste, you can apply it to your face like a mask and for best results, you can leave it on overnight. However, if the smell of the garlic is too much for you to handle, you can rinse it off after about 10 minutes. Just use some warm water with a little bit of soap to rinse it off. On a side note, garlic is also said to help ward off colds.


How exactly toothpaste work to cure acne has not been studied in details in a laboratory and the antiseptic ingredients in toothpaste vary broadly. However, many report that topically applying toothpaste to a pimple and allowing the toothpaste to remain overnight is a super fast cure for acne. The pimple may not go away entirely but once the toothpaste becomes dry, it will absorb some oil and the pimple will be reduced in size.

The question of how to cure your acne super fast with natural remedies is a legitimate one; however after your big date or interview you might consider taking a longer view of the problem. Some of these remedies could even be part of a new routine and a more gradual approach to healthy skin. Remember to also drink plenty of water and eat healthily to help combat the root cause of the problem.