How to Cut James Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding

If you are faced with a repair or replacement of LP siding on your homes siding and you want to do it yourself it is important to have a system that allows you to make accurate cuts and nail the.

Hardie Plank fiber cement is one of the most popular types of siding when it comes to exterior replacement in Seattle. The biggest issue that one runs into as a do it yourself contractor with James Hardie plank siding is the fact that it is a challenge sometimes to cut. Not only will it crumble at times, but it also will emit a ton of dust. This can be a huge drawback to cutting Hardie Plank fiber cement if you are not working outside. Here are some things to consider when cutting this popular siding brand:

What tools are there that can cut James Hardie Plank siding?

Shears – James Hardy plank siding is notorious for dust and shears are the best option to reduce or eliminate this. When you are cutting siding of this type, you will always be looking for ways to eliminate dust, and shears does it better than anything. These are especially important to use if you are working inside under shelter, otherwise the dust from other tools will literally choke you out of the room. The only real downfall for using shears is the fact that they will sometime make the siding crumble if you are not careful. Otherwise, this is the number one option for cutting fiber cement.

Circular Saw – This option is not recommended as a rule unless you pick up a special blade for cutting Hardy plank siding. If you do not, the dust will literally overwhelm you in no time flat. While it is much better with the special blade, it is still not the best option compared to others.

No Blade Option – You can use a simple utility knife or razor blade to cut basic siding lines. You simply make a straight line with the utility and then snap the Hardy siding over a straight edge. This is primarily used to make perfectly straight lines with no angles and is a Seattle siding basic.

Jigsaws, Angle Grinders and the like – These tools are absolutely necessary for cutting James Hardy Plank siding once it comes time to work around doors, windows and various other things. The angles and shapes are nearly impossible to cut without the plank siding breaking or crumbling without these tools. Make sure you take your time, and change your blades often.

While Hardie Plank siding can be a challenge to cut, it does not have to be the pain in the neck that people say. By using this combination of tools to cut your siding, you can easily cut down on the wasted materials.