How to Deal With Problems With Your Neighbors

Everyone has been in the position where they have had problems with their neighbors. They might just be a little nosey, but some neighbors take it so far that they are interfering with your life.

There are ways to deal with neighbors like this without things turning violent. You could give them a taste of their own medicine by making a point to get involved in their business, or you could contact the authorities and ask for some help.

One of the main problems with nosey neighbors is because all new build housing estates are open plan. So, there is no clear boundary between your area and theirs. There are some people who have gone out onto their own front path and found the neighbors sunbathing on their land. That is how intrusive some people can be.

Most people would just cut their loses and move to a neighborhood that is more private, but that would be a big step. They might be so desperate to move that they take a loss on the price of their home, just to get out.

If you are in this position and you feel that you have to move, you should not settle for a lesser price on the house, just to get out. You should not feel like you are being pushed out of the house either. This step should be a last resort and there are some steps that you can take beforehand.

Talk to Them

You do have the option of talking to them and asking them to keep out of your business. This should be done calmly and no matter how angry you feel you should not raise your voice at them. This will just make the matter worse and it will cause an atmosphere when you drive into your street.

Just stay calm and explain how it is making you feel and how you do not feel like you have any privacy. That should do the trick because they might not even know that they are making you uncomfortable. They might have had a close relationship with their other neighbors and they have just assumed that they will have the same relationship with you.

Cut off all Communication

If that does not work, then you have no choice but to just ignore them. Even if they try to make nice and say hello when they see you, you have to just be polite but do not engage in any other conversation with them.

This is the only way that you are going to get the message across. This might cause friction with them but if you are not interested in having a relationship with them and you want to remain completely private, then you should not have a problem with this.


If that does not work and they are still encroaching on your privacy, then you have no choice but to put a fence up around your land. You will probably already have a fence around the back garden, but you will definitely want to get one around the front of your property.

If you are going to get some fencing put in, to make sure that they stay off your property, make sure that you ask the local housing authorities first. Even though it is your land, they can object if the fence is too big. So, ask them if they have any specifications that you need to stick to and then buy a fence that suits the look of your house.