How To Decorate Commercial Buildings With Awnings

Commercial awnings are great advertising tools! Custom retractable awnings made for commercial premises serve as billboards. Business owners can print address, phone number, email id, product snaps on the awnings. This lets the shop owners display their products in a very natural yet appealing way.

The color, style and texture of the awning should match with the type of business you run. Otherwise you won’t be able to feel its full potential. In the following paragraphs we would discuss the relation between the theme and the look. We have selected 10 different domains for this purpose. Let’s check them all one by one:

1) Bookstore

Who would you want to hit your store; school children, college students, writers, book lovers, research scholars or all of them? Display the name of the books, images of popular characters, authors’ names and photos on the awnings. That would help people get an idea from outside which genre of book you sell. The pictures of cartoon characters and other icons can attract kids in case you have something for them in your bookstore.

2) Restaurant

Some delicious and yummy images are what you need to print on the commercial awning for a restaurant. The fabric and frame of the retractable sunshade should match with the pictures painted on it. You can highlight the dishes and cuisines your restaurant specializes on. Displaying pictures of beverages and ice creams would make the theme complete.

3) Shopping Mall

Why don’t you take up a different approach for the retractable awnings here! Get all of them crafted in a similar style; print the logos of big brands that you sell on different awning. The shade beside the garment shop should display the logo of your garment seller and that over the antique store must contain the brand logo of the dealer.

The awnings over the main entrances, walkway and parking lot may display the big brands that have set up their outlets in your shopping mall. This would add to the credibility and popularity of the mall. Ask your awning manufacturer to discuss with your architect so that the awnings perfectly suit to the exterior of the building.

4) Electronic Goods Store

A trendy and tech look would be best for your electronic goods store. So ask your awning company to customize your awnings accordingly. With aluminum or stainless steel frame, polyester based fabric and sensors for weather, today’s automatic retractable awnings are best for electronic goods store.

Further customize your awning by painting names and logos of the big brands. You can put snaps of latest electronic goods to make others aware of the new releases.

5) Garment Shop

Identify your target customer first. If it is a general garment store, paint pictures of kids, families and trendy boys and girls. Get the logo of your brand products printed frequently. Paint images of some good kids wear, men’s wear and women’s wear that can attract your buyers towards your store. Get your awnings tailored for the theme; ask your awning manufacturer to customize the retractable awnings so that it looks soothingly well on the walls of your commercial store.

Once you install commercial retractable awnings over the doors, windows and walkways of your commercial building, you can easily see the difference in customers’ behavior and in next month’s sales report. Apart from element protection, durability and energy saving, commercial sunshades boost your business performance too.