How to Decorate With Orange

Orange is a wonderfully funky zesty colour for interiors, full of energy, life and bounce. Some people tend to be nervous about decorating with orange, however, if you follow our tips, you'll be well on the way for a successful orange home decor, whether you are decorating a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Orange is a wonderfully bright and sunny colour and will brighten up any interior, the trick is knowing just how to use it to the correct extent.

  1. If your living room room is mostly cream with dark wooden furniture, you can afford to add plenty of orange accents such as orange cushions on your sofa, orange within the rug, orange within pictures and perhaps even an orange footstool.
  2. Remember that orange on the feature wall is not enough, the decorating scheme will not work if the orange is in isolation in the room, add orange accents to the room such as orange patterned cushions and pictures in a living room, orange files in a study, and cushions, lamps and vases in a bedroom, so that the orange colour is highlighted around the whole room.
  3. Orange will make a room seem larger so is a great colour to use in north-facing rooms.
  4. Mugs and teatowels with an orange pattern are great if you want to add a little touch of a funky orange to a kitchen. Blue is a popular colour in kitchens and is often coupled with yellow but why not use orange for a zestier effect. Orange works great with many shades of blue in interior decorating. Why not frame an especially nice teatowel in a kitchen – this looks great.
  5. If you would like to create orange walls but do not want to paint a solid block of colour, creating a feature wall with wallpaper that has orange within its design can create a happy medium.
  6. Orange is a great accent to use with creams and beiges, particularly if you have dark wooden furniture. If you are nervous about it, by introducing the colour orange through accessories such as cushions, vases, lamps, rugs and footstools, you can add a little at a time as you become accustomed to the splashes of brighter colours.

And remember, orange is right on trend this year, tangerine orange has been very popular on the catwalk this year and the colour is now hitting the home accessories and interiors market. It is also a wonderfully summery colour so go on, what are you waiting for? Add a little orange to your home decor and some sunshine to your day every day.