How to Design a Mosaic

A mosaic is a surface decoration which is created by arranging and affixing tiles in a certain pattern. This article provides some simple tips which will help you to design your own mosaic, and it also explains where you can purchase mosaic making materials from.

The Design Process

The first thing you'll need to do is decide on the purpose and the size of your mosaic. If this is your first attempt at designing a mosaic then you will want to start with something that is quite small and simple. You can create a mosaic piece which can be used as a table or coffee mat, you can decorate round the edges of a plain photo frame or you can just create a mosaic for ornamental purposes.

One of the simplest ways to design the mosaic is to cut a piece of card which is the exact size that you would like to final piece to be. You can then divide the grid into squares which correspond with the size of the tiles that you are using. Once you have done this you are ready to start creating a design of what you want the final piece to look like. You can use different coloured pens to mark the different spots. If you want to use cut mosaic tiles, then you can also shade in these areas onto the plan. Remember, mosaics often look best when they are symmetrical. You may also want to design a neat border that runs around the mosaic.

Another way to design mosaics is to use an online programme. There are several free online mosaic editors which allow you to conveniently design your mosaic in a short space of time. They also allow you to experiment with different colors and patterns until you are really happy with what you have designed. You can then print out the design so that you can refer to it as you are making the mosaic. Professional mosaic designers may want to use a more complex design editor to create their designs.

Where to Get Inspiration

A great place to look for inspiration is online. You can type 'mosaics' into your favourite search engine and then take a look at some of the images and information that pops up. You can keep a file of all your favourite designs to use at a later date. You may also want to keep a sketchbook with you so that you can sketch any design inspiration that you get when it comes to you.

Where to Purchase Mosaic Materials From

One of the best places to purchase mosaics is from is a specialist online retailer. Their website will display images and information on all of the products that they stock, as well as information on how to order. Some companies will even supply pre-made mosaic borders which will save you the time and hassle of painstakingly putting each tile in place. The borders can be used to decorate bathrooms, patios and floor areas.