How To Design the Perfect Bedroom

Whether you've just moved house, or are redecorating, your bedroom can not be forgotten about. It's your personal space where you spend time relaxing and it should reflect your personality.

Firstly, you need plan the color scheme of your room – the safest option is to go for a neutral offset and brighten it up with vivid, colorful bedroom accessories. Clean lines and neutral background tones juxtaposed with eclectic, bright accessories will liven up the neutral offset.

Ideally, you want a relaxing atmosphere in the evening and then an airy, light feeling when you rise in the morning. The best way to achieve these contrasting moods is by choosing appropriate lighting – you could use a dimmer switch to create a calm, dimly-lit ambiance in the evening and in the morning you can let the natural light see through your window by choosing lightly- colored curtains. For dark mornings, you could use a bedside lamp which creates the illusion of daylight.

As your bedroom is your place to relax, you'll want it to be clutter free and there before you'll need to think about the design of your room and storage space. Storage is key for creating space, make use of baskets, racks and dividers as they can be moved easily if need be. Also make use of the storage space underneath your bed, you can purchase plastic boxes to store items under your bed that you may not use too often. Fitted wardrobes hide storage hidden away and multifunctional furniture maximises space.

Try to choose furniture that's light and easy to manoeuvre and then you can move it around if you fancy a change. Place your furniture in corners and ensure you have enough room and space to move about freely. Try to avoid placing furniture in front of a window as it make the room look smaller and may block natural light from entering your room. If you are unsure where to place your furniture to create the most space, you can use special bedroom design software to plan your new bedroom and to ensure you are getting as much free space as possible.

Your bed will be the focal point of your room and will probably take up the most space, ensuring your bed is not too large for your room as it will leave you with little space for anything else. To make your bed look stylish, invest in original bed linen, and a striking headboard. Mix different fabrics on your bed, one type for headboard, one type for your linen and another for the cushions.

Whether you want a carpet or wooden flooring is your personal preference and each have their own benefits. Wooden flooring is easy to keep clean and can be livened up with stylish, textured rugs. On the other hand, carpet gives a homely feel and is soft on your fee. However, it does need to hoovered and can often be difficult to keep clean.