How To Deter Birds From Making Nests In Your Awnings

Whilst you might be an animal lover and don’t have a problem with birds making themselves at home in your awnings, you must keep in mind that this can cause a number of problems. Their droppings are very corrosive and are known to carry disease; they can become aggressive in protecting their nests; and nests can even cause the covering to collapse under their weight.

  • Attach ‘bird spikes’ to the awning in a bid to prevent birds from landing on its surface. The spikes are actually pointed pieces of metal that make landing difficult.
  • You can even apply a nondrying, sticky repellent to the surface of the covering. A non-toxic substance, the tacky nature of the repellent will irritate the birds and encourage them to stay away.
  • Attach a ‘scare device’ to the awning, such as rubber snakes, plastic owls and even balloons. Make sure that the rotate the device’s position to trick the birds into thinking that they are real.
  • Place a motion-activated sprinkler close by to the covering. The sprinkler will release a burst of water when it detects a bird getting too close, which should scare them away.

As you can see, you have a choice between both obvious and hidden ways of preventing birds from making nests in your awnings. Most of the bird deterrents outlined above will be available at your local garden centres or in your hardware stores; if you are having trouble finding them, ask a sales assistant to show you where they are kept.