How To Determine If A Fur Coat Is Fake

Many people have probably accidentally purchased a fake fur coat, without realizing that they were duped when making the purchase. With modern fashion technology creators are able to easily mimic the styles and designs of some of the more rare types of fur. Sable is one of the most expensive and hard to find fur coats in the world, yet fashion designers are able to do excellent work on a coat to make it look like an exact match.

When inspecting a fur coat, look at the under fur. Fakes often only mimic the top layer, because designers assume that people will not check the under layers of the fur. If you are supposed to have purchased a chinchilla coat, then check if the under fur is very thick and matches the top. If not, you may have a fake.

You can also check for dying of the coat or accessories. Some fake furs will be dyed to match a specific style. If the colorants are easily removed, then the coat was probably designed as a mimic. If you can not alter the coloration at all, then it is most likely authentic. Real fur will be durable, soft, and rarely shed, with the exception of rabbit furs. Keep this in mind when handling potential purchases.

Fox and rabbit furs are the most affordable types. Rabbit furs shed easily as well. If you pay a hefty amount for one of these types, you are probably being ripped off. Be careful when purchasing furs. Most dealers are authentic and honest, so you should buy through reputable fur coat dealer. Try to avoid thrift shops and vintage garments since it is harder to get more information about the quality, type, and other important attributes.