How to Determine Your Wealth Luck by Just Looking at Your Face

I believe this is going to be a very interesting topic. Did you know that you can determine your wealth luck by just looking at yourself in the mirror. There is one area on your face which determines your wealth luck. You would always want to keep this place nice and clean in order to have great wealth luck.

By simply looking at this area of your face, you can easily tell whether you will gain or lose money. For some people, they might have a permanent financial problems. For others, the crisis might be just temporal. The good news is no matter what is your financial status now, by the end of this article, you will be armed with the knowledge of improving your wealth luck by working on your face.

Rich people have one thing in common when you look at their faces. If you have this feature on your face, you might be a wealthy person, or someone who is on the way to being wealthy. It is their noses. The first thing you notice is that when you look at them straight (meaning they never tilt their head upwards or downwards) in the face, you are unable to see their nostrils.

Secondly, you can see flesh in between their nostrils. And usually that piece of flesh grows slightly downwards. These 2 permanent features are common in all wealthy people. At this point of time, you might be wondering, am I referring to the nose?Is the nose the area on your face that determines your wealth luck?

The answer is yes.

Now, I can see you rushing to the mirror to look at your nose. So what happens if you can see your nostrils when you look at yourself straight?This means that your wealth luck is not very stable. You may find that money seems to “disappear” from you very fast, without you knowing where it went. It could mean easy come, easy go.

If your nostrils are visible when looking at yourself straight in the mirror, you should never gamble or speculate. If not, you will have a tendency to lose money. However, if you are a male, I have some good news for you. You can still improve your wealth luck by growing a moustache. The moustache will “prevent” the money from flowing away from you.

The next 2 points are very important for “wealth” maintenance. When you look at yourself in the mirror every morning, please make sure you look at your nose. Firstly, see is there any nose hair growing out of your nostrils.

If you see nose hair, it means that you might lose some money within 1 to 7 days. Please cut your nose hair as soon as you see it. This is very important. It has happened to me many times, and I make it a point to cut my nose hair even before it grows too long.

The next thing you should look at is pimples and black heads. Pimples and black heads on your nose should be removed immediately upon discovery. These 2 things will also cause your wealth luck to be done. Remove them, but don’t squeeze them. You don’t want to leave a permanent scar on your nose. This will permanently affect your wealth luck.

Last but not least, if your nose is oily, please try to wash it frequently with water. Oily noses will also affect wealth luck.

If you have any scars or pimple marks on your nose, you might want to go for some facial treatment to remove them. You see, this is not just to beautify yourself, but it is an investment in your wealth luck. I wish you all the best in improving your wealth luck.