How To Develop Unstopable Persistence

Persistence and Desire are definitely where all roads to riches begin. I can categorically say that every rich person in the world today (with the exception of lottery winners and money passed down from generation to generation) started out with a burning desire to accumulate wealth and a never say die attitude in order to attain it.

They became so infatuated with the accumulation of wealth that they became "money conscious". Its simple, the more formatted your brain is with your desires, the more wealth you will accumulate. If you only have a mediocre drive to attain wealth, you will only achieve mediocre results. If your mind can not stop about thinking about wealth accumulation, your brain will give you inspiration almost daily and your chances of making millions are vastly increased.

This should enable you to see the intense power of desire. Some people are born with it, other people can attain it but you must have desire first before you embark on your journey. For example, when I worked as a technical sales engineer a few years back, I remember how my boss was. I have never seen a guy with as much drive or desire that this guy had. I mean, he had it in spades.

He was around 58-60 years old, had two or three other companies and was definitely a multi millionaire. I asked him one day, why are you doing this, I mean you have been fabulously successful in your business career, had other successful companies on the side being run by other people and yet still you wanted to grow this business. He answered that it was not the money that was stimulating him anymore; it was the challenge of growing a business from scratch and building it into a successful profitable business. I suppose there was good logic in his answer.

I do not know if I would be like him at his age. I understand about keeping the mind active as you enter into your sixty's and seventy's but there are other ways to do that. Now we have shown that my manager owns huge desire and drive and he has already provided this with the success of his other companies.

Here is where it gets more interesting. If you think this man has an amazing drive, wait until you see how persistent he is. I left this company because I feared my position. He let go around 3 employees before me and as the company was still not making a profit after 4 years on the road the shareholders and investors were very angry that their investments were not bearing fruit.

Therefore there was a lot of redundancies and lay offs. Now we were only a small company, something like 20 employees, but since the investors were sick of putting money in and seeing no return, they got their way up and up to six people were sacked. Now this was back in 2005 and to my knowledge, the company is still not making a profit. Can you believe that ?, 6 years in business and the business is still making ends meat. Talk about persistence of the highest order.

Here is the reason why he is doing this. He has another company which I will not name for legal reasons that is selling up to $ 700,000 a month at 60% margin. He told me once that he was on the brink of pulling the plug with this business also but one of his associates persuaded him not to. Talk about a good decision! He was in the same scenario, not making a profit in his business, until one day something turned in his fortune and since that day, he has never looked back.

That's the reason he is holding tough in his present venture. He knows the power of persistence and desire and that very often they will transform themselves into success

Ultimate Desire + Ultimate Persistence = Ultimate Success