How to Dig a Ditch in Rocky Ground

Are you bored? Do you have an enemy? Or do you just need to dig a hole in your front yard to plant some plants? Then you’re probably wondering how to dig a hole in that annoying part of the ground that’s so rocky that you just can’t dig past it without breaking your hand. But fear not there are a couple of ways to dig a hole. Here are some tips from my friend who has done quite a lot of digging in my time, including 8 hours of digging on hard rock digging 20 holes 2 feet x 2 feet big.

1. If you have nothing more than a shovel than you’re in a bit of trouble; the only way short of brutally hammering down on the rocks is to circumnavigate the rocks by digging to the side and then going under the rocks. This way you’ll be able to go under the rocks without ever encountering them.

2. If the entire field is full or rocks then the cheapest tool that you should buy is a pickaxe. Don’t take full swings with the pickaxe as that is an inefficient way and uses more work from you than it delivers onto the rock. Instead go up so that the tip reaches your head and swing down with the broad head of the pick axe. If you encounter an extremely big rock and can’t go around it, swing down with the narrow side and you will crack the rock. A great way to maximize efficiency is to have one person using pickaxe and breaking up the rocks, and one person using a shovel to dig out the debris. Obviously the bigger person should go with the pickaxe as to break the most rocks.

3. If you have a decent budget, a pretty big job to do, or just have rocks that feel like concrete, a jackhammer may be in order. Jackhammers usually cost at least $400 dollars so consider hiring help with a pickaxe before going off and buying one. Put some earplugs in and simply start drilling away at the rocks. Note: Please be sure you know what you’re doing before you handle a power tool as serious injury can be inflicted on your body.

Well, there you have it. If you want to dig a ditch in your neighbors house or if you want to plant a couple of plants in your backyard, simply take out whatever tools you have and dig away. Time, efficiency, and patience are the key factors of digging so be sure you have the time and energy before starting anything.