How To Drill A Hole – Do It Yourself Guide

Drilling sounds easy and simple and it is for sure if you get the basics right. However, if you go wrong then this thing can go horribly wrong and you can get frustrated easily. As an example if you use the basic steel bit to drill a hole in the concrete, it will never work. Instead you will have damaged the bit and may also endanger yourself by applying the force wrongfully.

The most basic of things that you require to drill a hole are drill to turn the drill bits, a pencil to mark the area or a center punch and a hammer depending if you are working on wood or metal.

The first place to start is the place where you need to drill the hole.If the hole is to be drilled in wood then you would need the pencil to mark the area where you would drill the hole. If you are working with metals you would need to exactly position the center punch there and strike it with hammer to mark the area where the hole will be drilled as well as try it will actually make a small groove so that the drill bit can be accurately placed.

If you are drilling large holes then you need to do things, firstly mark the area with a center punch and make a little marking. This will make sure that drill bit does not drift away once you first start drilling the hole. Drill a pilot hole into the material with a drill bit. Once the pilot hole is done then you can start drilling a bigger hole with a long drill bit.

The word of caution for those who are new to the process that you should always have water as a lubricant because of the extensive heat some kind of drilling can generate and also it provides lubrication. The other important thing to note is that this helps removing the burrs which come out of the drilling process.

Make sure that you wear safety glasses and gloves before you start drilling the hole. Remember safety is important.