How to Drill a Hole in Ceramic

There may be times when you need to drill a hole in the ceramic tiles for fixing pipes or fixing water supply lines or fixing any other handles for dropping clothes. There are different types of materials and finishes in ceramic tiles, so drilling hole in a ceramic tile is bit difficult and you have to use a lubricated tile drill bit to drill a hole.

First get a clean idea on what is the type of material that the ceramic tile is made off so that we can guess whether it will be easy or hard to drill the ceramic tile. In case if the tiles are made of clay, then it will be very easy and the tiles will be soft, so drilling holes in a clay will be easy. In case if the tiles is made of ceramic or porcelain then it will be very hard to drill through when compared to clay tiles. So what ever the material the tiles are made of, follow the following steps to drill hole in a tile.

Take a drill either made of sharp carbide or diamond encrusted carbide tile bit. you can prefer diamond encrusted bit for drilling holes in glass tiles as they look like small shovel or spade in shape and they are easily available in all the stores where you can buy tiles.

After you buy a carbide or diamond encrusted bit, also get some plumbers putty and some oil. In case if the tiles are loose then get a MDF Board which would be large enough to be placed behind the tile. In case if the tile is already fixed and installed then there is no need of MDF Board.