How To Easily Get A Longer Penis – Make Your Penis Longer & Thicker

Is it wrong to want to have a longer penis? Of course not. Most men would gladly lengthen their penis as long as the process is pain-free and there aren’t any risks of harmful side effects. A longer penis will enable the owner to have harder erections and more control over ejaculation.

Every penis enlargement product out there claims to give you up to 3″ in added length. Unfortunately, all of the different methods will not provide these penis size gains so a lot of men are quite skeptical about what works and what is just a scam.

The Wrong Way To Go About Getting A Longer Penis

Let’s address the unproven methods first. These things all claim to provide permanent gains in penis size. However, there are no clinical studies to back up claims made by the companies. Of course, each method does have satisfied users, it’s just the majority of these guys get burned and then think every other product or penis enlargement method out there is bogus.

Penis pumps: Pumps are dangerous. They can cause bruising, broken blood vessels, and in the worst case scenario can cause the penis to curve. Penis curvature can cause discomfort to the male and the female, making intimacy a serious problem. Avoid penis pumps even for temporary enhancement.

Penis patches: Do you really think you can wear a patch and gain 3″ of penis length in a few months? This probably is NOT going to happen. What does happen is much like how the penis pill works. A chemical enters the blood stream causing the penis to hold more blood when aroused. While these can give you solid erections there is no proof of permanent gains. And no one knows the possible side effects from wearing the patch either. Not recommended even for erectile dysfunction.

Penis weights: Like pumps, hanging weight from your penis is not a safe way to get a longer penis. You can cause permanent damage by attempting this method of penis enlargement. And even if you are successful in achieving a gain using weight, it is almost impossible to gain any girth or width with weights. You will end up with a damaged penis or a pencil-thin penis if you try weights to lengthen it.

The Right Way To Get A Longer Penis

Now that we have gone over what is not good, let’s briefly cover what works. Right now there are actually two different methods that have clinical studies that back up their claims. These are the penis traction device (extender) and penis exercises.

A penis traction device will provide the biggest, fastest gains. Traction is an accepted medical procedure used by orthopedic surgeons around the world to successfully lengthen tissue. When you combine this with a top-notch proven penis exercise program, you will truly know the secret to getting a longer penis safely and easily.

This technology is now available to any man who wishes to get a longer penis No visit to a doctor is required, and men can see their penis getting longer and thicker in just a few weeks. The results are measurable in inches with a high-quality penis extender system.