How to Easily Rosin a Violin Bow

Would you like to know how to rosin a violin bow well it's really easy, after you read this guide you should be able to rosin a violin bow in only a few minutes.

There is just one thing that you will need to know before you rosin a violin bow and that that is the kind of rosin that you need to use. Take your rosin out of the violin case and have a good look at it. Is your rosin dark or light there is a difference between the two and I want to know if you've chosen the right rosin.

The first kind of rosin is dark rosin also known as winter rosin. This rosin is darker and stickier than the other variety and is the rosin that you should be using if you live in a cool dry climate. The other kind of rosin is light rosin this kind of rosin is far harder and less sticky than the other type and is more suited to warmer environments.

Depending on the climate conditions where you live choose the right rosin for your instrument, although these roses are more suited for their climate environments there are no hard and fast rules. You can actually use any kind of rosin on your violin and should experiment with different brands until you find the right one for you.

Now to apply the rosin this is very easy to simply take the rosin and glide it several times up and down the violin bow and there you go this is how you rosin a violin bow.