How to Eliminate a Fatty Liver Problem

A thorough physical at your family doctor’s office will include an investigation into your liver enzymes. If a report reveals that your liver enzymes are elevated, it could mean a lot of things. One possibility is that you may end up being diagnosed with a Fatty Liver. Physical signs of a fatty liver can also include a distended abdomen, increased fatigue and difficulty in losing weight. A specialist can also palpate a fatty liver and can also see the fat deposits on the liver during a diagnostic ultrasound.

Factors that could have contributed to your fatty liver can include a combination of things. Genetically, you may be pre-disposed to having a fatty liver, so no matter how healthy your daily habits are, you can still get this condition. However, other factors include frequent alcohol intake, a diet full of foods with fat. For example, typical bar foods such as chicken wings, nachos and french fries can be very bad for a fatty liver. Similarly, any fast food is usually full of fat. Eating a lot of sugar also would not help your condition. Lastly, having no aerobic activity in your life will not help to eliminate any fat in your body.

For someone who is over weight, the ways that you can significantly reduce a fatty liver include two very important changes in daily routine. One factor is the introduction of aerobic exercise into your routine, at least 5 days a week. You need to engage in an activity between 20 and 45 minutes that will make you sweat and get your heart rate increased. If you have not exercised for a long time, start with a light jog for a minute or two, followed by a fast paced walk for a minute, then alternating between a jog and a walk. It is helpful to get a heart rate monitor so that you can increase your heart rate to about 60 or 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Talk to your doctor or another health care professional to figure out your own target heart rate.

The other very important factor is changing your diet. Eat five small meals per day rather than three big meals. Eat until you are only 70 percent full rather than being 100 percent or 120 percent full. Eat fruit in between meals, but not more that 4 fruit per day. Stay away from any fried foods or foods with moderate or high fat. Get used to eating more salads if possible.

If you follow the instructions already mentioned, you will notice your weight being reduced considerably over a three month period and you will also eliminate your fatty liver and become much healthier overall. This is highly recommended as having a fatty liver can lead to diabetes and other complications later on.

There are three other things that can greatly help you eliminate your fatty liver. These include:

1. Taking milk thistle daily. Go to your local health food store and get yourself some milk thistle tablets. Take some daily as directed on the label.

2. Drinking Chinese Black Tea for a fatty liver. Go to a Chinese Herbal store and pick yourself up some Black tea with specific ingredients to reduce a fatty liver. Drink two teas per day.

3. Eat Chia seed on a daily basis. Chia is full of Omega-3’s and anti-oxidants, along with many other nutrients. Chia is amazing for helping to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and fat. The most effective proprietary blend of chia on the market today is Mila. Mila has several advantages over other chia brands, which include the following:

– It is the only blend of seeds grown in different regions for maximizing a variety of specific nutrients.

– It is the only tested seed.

– It is the only sliced seed. Grinding the seed can lead to a loss of nutrients and eating the seed whole will not deliver the same amount of nutrients.

– It is the only seed grown within the most nutritious growing region.

– It is the only seed that is associated with a company who’s main goal is to change the health of starving people around the world. The company helps others who cannot help themselves and is the only company that offers a product that is tested and ensures its quality is excellent.

If you alter your lifestyle as described above, your chances of eliminating your fatty liver problem are very good. Yes, it may be a challenge the first few weeks to introduce all of these habits, but in only a couple of weeks, you will feel more energetic and you will be on your way to a new, healthier you.