How To Enjoy Everything You Do And Remove Stress From Your Life

We all deal with the same road blocks on a regular basis. These might be stress, overwhelmed, confusion, procrastination. These are all parts of human behavior but luckily there are a few simple activities you can do right now, today, in the next two minutes, to not only remove stress from your life but also enjoy every single thing you do. That way you do not have to resent force yourself, or just get over it, in order to make money, be productive, you enjoy it and now you're body and mind are in harmony. What you can do is exercise, focus on results and remove clutter.

Exercise is the number one way to de-stress. It does not matter what you're worried about, yourself, your family, money, business or any other problem that's on the horizon. Going outside and taking a walk or a run, or playing a sport, or swimming will clear your mind. You'll get yourself closer and closer to that point where all you're thinking about is moving in that forward direction. You can in fact channel your energy, anger and stress into moving your body and tiring yourself out, and waking yourself up.

If you're too stressed about things it probably means that you're not getting enough exercise, and if you're really, really stressed then that means that you need to get exercise and resolve whatever is happening in your life. I can tell you that many times I have been confused or lost about what to do and a simple walk, or a simple swim, solves those problems.

To enjoy doing what you do you need to get some kind of results from your activities. When you're at a day job or a salaried position, or an hourly position, you only get paid for your time. Which means that someone who works at Taco Bell who does a bad job gets paid the same amount of money as someone who does a good job, and it's not very stimulating. Luckily for you, when you run your own business your time is your own and if you use that time on unproductive or non money making tasks then you will not get any results.

When you're in business for yourself it might be slow going at first, you might be making less money over time at first but your time is your own and you can have a lot more income potential than you would working an hourly waged job. Think about what results you get and what goals you want to hit for the month. At first these might be income goals, you might have a goal of $ 1,000 a month or you might think of something that's more attainable such as 100 subscribers this month, 100 articles written this month, 100 listings in Google this month, contacting 100 people this month. There are many goals and numbers you can easily set and exceed that have nothing to do with income.

Finally, to help keep your head clear and to keep having fun, and remove stress, an easy task you can do is remove clutter from your life and from your workspace as well. This relates back to stress. If you have many tasks and many projects that are incomplete, these are taking up space in your conscious mind. Close them out, put them away, that way you do not have to think about it for a very long time. If your desk is filled with stacks of papers and notes, and reminders, books, it's time to clear those out. It's time to have your work desk be as clear as possible, that way when you're trying to get things done you do not have a million things distracting you. It's just what is right in front of you.