How to Enjoy Free TV Channels Through an SW-21 Switch

A lot of people have already discovered free TV viewing through installing satellite systems in their homes. However, as it is in man's nature to want something more than what they already have, it is expected for some of those already enjoying satellite TV to do something to enhance their TV viewing. If you are one of these and you wish to add on another satellite antenna to your system, then you will also need a sw-21 switch.

Get Yourself an SW-21 Switch

This device is very important if you have more than one satellite dish because it is what helps in making your reception clearer. It is what combines the feeds from both your satellite antennas before sending it to your free to air or FTA receiver. With this combiner equipment, you will be able to get the best quality reception from multiple locations of satellites.

Set It Up Into Your Satellite System

The combiner is placed between the LNB ports of your satellite dishes and your FTA receiver with the use of coaxial cables. So, all you need to be able to set up and have the sw-21 switch working are three lengths of coaxial cables plus your satellite dishes and your receiver. The first two coaxial cables will be attached between your satellite antenna's LNB ports and the "to dish" jacks of the switch. The other one will run from the "receiver" jack of your switch right into the "satellite in" jack of you FTA receiver.

Research If Unsure About the Set Up

If you are still not confident about how all these work together, you can also ask the person you bought your switch from. If you also purchased it online, your seller will most probably have a 24-hour customer service number that you can call so all your concerns can be given answer. You could also do some research online to see if what you are doing is right. There are many reliable sources on the Internet when it comes to setting up satellite systems, including adding on a combiner.

Sit Back and Enjoy Some Free TV

Once you have everything in place, you can start enjoying free TV viewing with the best reception you can get from different satellite locations. This means not only getting almost 300 free to air channels, but also getting them with a clearer and high-definition quality with the help of your sw-21 switch. This will perfectly complement your home theatre system and will complete your total TV viewing pleasure.