How to Enlarge Your Penis – Up to a 9" Size Penis is Possible Once You Know These Stunning Tips

Has sex ever been an issue for you? That every time you come too close to having sex, you suddenly feel awkward because you are too shy to let your girl see that you have a tiny, puny member? That it can’t ever be called a package but more like a loot bag? Fortunately, there are ways to increase the size of your penis and there are myriad of choices to choose from. After following the steps, you will be proud to show to the whole world (if you are a flasher), at least to your girl your new penis- a penis that would satisfy all girls you desire.

There are various exercise to do to increase the size of your penis and you can do it in the privacy of your own room. You only would need a wet, warm towel and any lubricating agent such as KY Jelly or Vaseline, or any lotion, oil or petroleum jelly. Put the warm towel on your penis for a minute, wipe it off and gently pat and touch it until it gets semi erect to erect. When the penis is erected enough, lubricate it with your chosen lubricating agent and hold the shaft with your thumb and pointing finger wrapped around it. This is called milking. Hold your penis as you would when milking a cow. Pull the penis slowly extending it to its maximum (but remember to do it really gently or until you are still feeling comfortable or pleasured by the act). Do the pulling and tugging action for twenty five times. This is also considered penile exercise. You may choose to continue on masturbating just so long as you are doing the milking technique. You may also choose to stop on the 25th count. It all depends on you. After doing the exercise, put the warm towel on the penis once again for another minute or so. Do this at least twice a day.

This step or exercise is proven to increase, not only the girth, but the length of you penis for an inch in just two weeks. You may do this alone, or you may also ask your girl to do it for you. Either way, you both get the pleasure and the exercise at once. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

There are also other ways, which would require you to spend couple of hundreds of dollars. There is a contraption called a penis extender which you wear. At first, it may seem uncomfortable but once used to it, it will be as normal as like wearing a watch. This also guarantees penis enlargement, both girth and length in two weeks.

You may choose to do both natural exercise and wearing the penis extender. This would definitely be able to give you the results you desire. You will be out to pleasure the girl of your dreams with much gusto, with much pride. At the end of the day, it is still true that Size does really matter.