How to Erect Hoarding Around a Construction Site

Hoarding is done around a construction site to protect the public and ensure safety. This ensures that also workers are protected when work is going on. This is done by erecting a barrier around the home and adhering to local authority by laws. it is important to seek permission for erecting this barrier from the local planing authorities. The general height of the hoarding is about seven feet high. The are different types that can be erected depending on the work being carried out.

Hoarding can be made by using screens, nets, strings, ballads, boards and sheets. The materials to be used vary from project to project. Where a basement is to be constructed, strings may not be used and thus boards or sheets would be preferable. For a telecommunication manhole work, a string can be used around it as the work progresses. It is important for home owners or developers to keep unwanted persons away from site. This is due to safety of those around and out side the construction site.

The hoarding construction involves a barrier and a covered walkway. This covered walkway protects passers by from falling materials. The work commences by erecting poles around the site. These poles are seven feet long and have angle end of two feet. The poles are either timber, plastic or steel. This are spaced at about six feet apart. They are cast into the ground using concrete in a pit. Once the pit is excavated, the poles are concreted and let to dry for about two days.

After the poles are cast in, planks and struts are fixed on them for the hoarding fabric. This are used to support the posts. After this is done, sheets or boards are fixed along the planks. The angled part of the posts should face outwards. This is also fixed with the boards for protection from falling materials outside the site. Also since the public outside are curious about the site, provide peep holes along the sheets. This should be about eight inches square openings. Finally decoration using paint can be done on the hoarding sheets.