How to Erect Scaffolding

Scaffolding is commonly used to provide a platform for workers to complete necessary construction projects. The scaffold is more useful than the ladder as it is able to hold numerous workers, provide extra space for required materials, and is far more secure than a ladder. There are several different forms of scaffolding but the assembly of the pieces is approximately the same for all different types. The following are a series of steps which should be followed:

Step # 1

The first step when you erect scaffolding is to make sure that the area is appropriate for the scaffolding. You should make sure that the ground is level and that there is no moisture which may cause the scaffolding to slip or obstacles which might interfere with the structure.

Step # 2

Place foot pads that are one square foot under the feet of the scaffolding, particularly when the ground is sandy and soft. This is a better choice than plywood, which is not as stable when the ground is not level. It is also possible to use leveling pads as well as casters.

Step # 3

Make sure that you have someone available to help you to erect scaffolding. One individual can work on building the frame while another can hold and pass the required materials. The person who is actually working and assembling the scaffolding should always make sure to wear a harness in order to remain safe at all times.

Step # 4

Before you erect scaffolding, inspect the pieces to make sure that they are not damaged. You should never use parts that are misshapen, rusted, or damaged. The scaffolding needs to be secured to nearby structures. Double check the components that are used to secure the scaffolding parts so that you are sure that they will withhold any strain placed on them.

Step # 5

When trying to reach elevated sections, use ladders which have been secured. These ladders can be useful when connecting scaffolding platforms. If the scaffold will be used for long periods, a stairway would probably be best.

Step # 6

Ensure that the scaffolding is secure by using diagonal bracing which make the sections tighter. When you erect scaffolding, using piping and tensioned rope may be helpful.

Step # 7

When assembling the required scaffolding, add scaffold platforms by utilizing two inch planks or two pieces of plywood that are cut into one inch sheets. When placing materials on the platforms, you should always take particular care so that the decks and platforms do not become overloaded with equipment and materials.