How to Fade a Golf Shot – Top Tips

Golf is a tricky sport to master and learning how to fade a golf shot can be frustrating. When making any shot, golfers must learn how to make adjustments. To learn how to fade a golf shot correctly, you need to learn how to work the ball left and right. The whole point of the game of golf is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.

The key to learning how to fade a golf shot comes from your stance and your grip. Depending upon your desired results, this can be achieved in different ways. To hit the fade shot you need to open your stance slightly. Your left foot will be aligned just behind your right foot as you address the ball. Then you must turn your left hand about a half an inch to the left on your grip. When you go to hit the club, aim the face of the club directly at the target and hit. This should curve the ball to the right as it approaches the target. These are the basic techniques on how to fade a golf shot. Of course, many golfers have their own versions. For left-handed golfers you would just reverse the instructions.

Learning how to fade a golf shot takes time and practice. Each golfer is different and you must find the exact techniques that prove to be successful for you. Once you have mastered these skills, then they will become second nature. You will not even have to think about stance and hand positions before playing the shot.

We will go over some of these techniques a little more in depth.

1. For your stance, try to open wider, if you are still having difficulty. Aim your hips and shoulders to the left slightly.

2. Adjust your grip. Hold the grip with a little less pressure and you should see an improvement.

3. Try placing the ball closer to your stance, move it over one ball width. This gives your shot a bit more height.

4. Do not adjust your swing, swing as you normally would. This is something that many weekend golfers do incorrectly.

Always experiment with all your clubs when learning how to fade a golf shot. Make note of which clubs you have more success with. When setting up for the fade shot, take into consideration the wind direction, the slope of the green and any obstacles that might be in the way. Only make changes to your grip and stance, your actual swing should stay the same. Start out by using mild fades and proceed to dramatic fades periodically.

Learning how to fade a golf shot correctly can be very useful in different situations. Plus it is essential if you want to improve your overall game play performance.