How to Fill Up Your Car’s Tank

In order to fill your car tank with petrol is simple and easy. No reason to pay for help to fill the car at a gas station with full service.

Here ‘s how:

1. Find out which side of the tank is the cap.

2. Pull near the right pomp and make sure that the cap is facing towards the pump.

3. Stop the engine. This step is vital for your safety and the people near you.

4. Open the hatch of the tank. At some newer cars this is done by pressing a button inside the car, but for older cars the hatch is opened manually with a key or by rotating the cap until it ‘s open.

5. Unlock the cap from tank.

6. Put the cap in a place where you will not forget.

7. Select the type of gasoline (unleaded, premium or super). Just make sure you don ‘t put diesel in a gasoline tank. If your car is diesel powered you should not put gasoline in the tank.You could cause a major malfunction for your motor. You should also be careful for the number of octanes in the gasoline.This is also vital for your motor.

8. Lift the handle support hose and insert the end into the tank. Make sure it is well inserted, pressing it well.

9. Press the lever or button on the pump to turn on the pump. This switch differs from pump to pump; follow the instructions at the pump or ask for guidance at the employers from the gas station.

10. Raise the button that ‘s located on the handle. It will enable the road to the gasoline tank.

11. Some buttons locks automatically, allowing you to wash the windows and check the oil. Check for this property or ask for assistance.

12. When the tank is full, the pump will not pump fuel. Now, you should remove the hose. Do not try to fill up the tank as possible because it will overflow.

13. Screw the lid back on and close the tank ‘s cap.


* Keep a pair of latex gloves in the glove compartment. Put your gloves to keep clean while filling or wash your hands after this process.


* Prior to pump gasoline be sure the car engine is stopped.

* Put off all cigarettes before entering a gas station. Do not smoke while pumping gasoline.As everybody knows, gasoline is very flammable.