How to Find Antique Wood Burning Stoves

As the summer gives way to fall and winter even some people who have little interest in antique collecting are anxious to discover how to find antique wood burning stoves. You see with cooler weather approaching a great number of individuals want to add these items to their home.

While antique enthusiasts and collectors appreciate these stoves for their decorative and historical value there are a growing number of individuals who desire them for their functional use. Most of these wood burning appliances can provide an amazing amount of heat at very low cost; and saving money is high on everyone's current priority list.

You can find antique wood burning stoves that date back more than 150 years if you are willing to devote a little effort to the chase. A good place to start is by browsing through some reputable online vendors who specialize in quality antiques and furnishings.

You can scroll through the lists of each merchant to see which models they are offering for sale. This method will give you access to dealers across the US as well as those who live in other countries.

Do not forget to check out the classified ads in your hometown newspaper to see if there just might be an individual who is offering one of these wood stoves for sale. Who knows, a mint condition wood stove from the Victorian era might be only a few blocks from where you live. Garage sales are another avenue that may lead you to a great deal on a wood burning stove that is in good to excellent condition.

If there are any local antique stores in your community you may want to visit them in person and look through their inventory. This will provide you with an opportunity to inspect the merchandise closely. You can even try to "haggle" for a better deal than the price that is scrawled on the sales tag.

There are magazines and monthly papers that you can subscribe to that will also be valuable resources to use when you are trying to find desirable items especially if you are searching for a particularly rare rare wood burning stove. You can look through these publications for dates and locations of upcoming specialty auctions and estate sales. Many times there will be even a list, or pictures, of the items that will be available for sale.

You could even discover a number of antique heating and cooking stoves that are going to be going under the auctioneer's hammer. Then it is easy for you to read the ad and find out when and where the event will be held. You should have ample time to contact the dealer or company conducting the sale and get some more detailed information before the sale date arrives.

If you feel that you have discovered some promising items that you want to bid on then you can make arrangements to attend the auction, or estate sale in person. In most instances you will also have the option of placing a telephone bid on the antique stove that your fancy.

You can also browse through online classified ads such as the ones featured on Craigslist. This is another effective resource tool that can be used to help you locate a selection of antique wood burning stoves. There are some sites where you can even post your own ad describing exactly what kind of stove you are searching for and then you can wait for sellers to contact you.

When you are trying to find a specialty item quickly there are some valuable tips that can save you time. Speed ​​is essential when you are searching for a particular product that many others are also interested in buying. This is why knowing the roads in advance will let you be the Early Bird that gets that prize winning Wood Burning Stove.