How to Find Discount Carpets

The price of a carpet is usually what appeals someone to buy a carpet in the first place. But beware of buying a cheap carpet of very poor quality. This is often the case when you buy carpeting from a discount carpet outlet; the quality of their stock and the customer service available is not comparable to that of a full line carpet showcase.

First of all, selection: Are you going to get the same variety and brand names that you can get in a carpet store? You are talking about your home, and you want to make sure you are able to pick the exact right carpet to suit your precious abode. Carpeting should be expected to last in a home for years, so you want to choose something you can be proud of for years to come. Having a limited choice of non-top brands, with patterns that are out of date, will not achieve this end. Beside, discount carpet outlets are not known for having knowledgeable salespeople who can advise you on the best type of carpet for your needs. You know that the lower prices mean that they can not afford to have good, experienced sales help. They will not be able to advise you on the quality of the various carpets, and they will not have the decorating skills to be able to advise you on the right color and design choices for your home. They are committed to low prices, not good service.

You also have to be careful when you purchase discounted carpeting to make sure you are getting everything you may get in a regular carpet store. For instance, is the installation included? If you are just buying a carpeting off a roll from them, you may be expected to install the carpet yourself or hire an installer, since not many other people have the skills or equipment to install carpet themselves. If the carpet is incorrectly installed, you are asking for years of problems. If not properly installed, the carpeting may wear down unevenly and you may have rucks that can cause problems or even injuries.

You may end up paying more overall because the price of the installer is so high. You have to ask if the padding is included in a discount carpet store. Do not kid yourself into thinking that you do not need padding. Padding is necessary for the longer life of the carpet, and it will protect the flooring underneath as well as make it more comfortable to walk on. Padding is an investment in your carpeting since it will help it to last longer. Without padding, you do not have the look and feel of plush carpeting that feels so good underfoot. Padding that extends the life of your carpeting actually saves you money because you will not have to replace your carpeting as frequently.

So consider all of the variables before you decide to buy carpeting from a discount carpet outlet. You will not get the same quality as you will from a full carpet store, and you may end up not even saving money with a carpet you are not happy with and that wears out faster.