How to Find Everlasting Pleasure in Your Life

This is an amazing fact that it looks life is not a bed of roses, but whenever we get aware about it, we feel pleasure and everything returns us a joy with bliss. Let's find some excellent living standards to get always happy and successful all along our lives.

There are some mathematical truths which reveal fabulous ways to become ones rejuvenating; we have to set some criteria where we feel comfortable to assess and live with others in pleasant manner; a seven point formula is the same as seven steps, at every step you'll feel a risen in the vision.

1. Everything returns to us as a reaction:
Well, this is not any scientific theory else a nature truth, ie, throw a ball towards a wall, it will come back you with same speed but at slightly different angle. Whenever you meet someone with smiling face, even opposed is not with pleasant mood, you'll feel welcome attitude by the opponent.

2. Everything is not a Black Hole:
Sometimes we can not find the best suspect result from other person even struggle a lot. All our struggles go in vain, that's a "Black Hole" exists there, which is not reflecting anything. Do not get worry because this is not a suitable canvas to draw anything just ignore it and step forward.

3. Key to open others mind:
Well, really interesting point which sets your angle of success to 45 degree, a very simple announcement, "less talk but much listen", because nature has given us one mouth but two ears ….. Wow, you're the master when you find the "penetrating point" of others, how this comes? A simple experience show a unique truth, just find the others "food of interest", what's that? Everyone loves to talk, think and spend his time just for his "Interest", ie, which can be a book, a political talk, a movie, song etc. So, you must provide some "fruit to talk", and in return, enjoy the excited moments might be with a cup of tea / coffee or …

4. Nature's Law of Repulsion:
Hamm !! Mostly, People know about law of attraction and care about it, but most of the times do not care about nature's "Law of Repulsion". Many times we make and break relationships but ignore that loving one's, who neither close nor away from us. There is potential barrier occurs when we ignore someone, that's "a bitterness" in the relations which always produces repulsion. A hating attitude exits there which needs your attention. To overcome, the repulsive attitude just spent your time with your loving ones to set it cool. It breaks the repulsive potential barrier and brings the relations to pleasant atmosphere.

5. Never try to go in a forest, just share others:
Yeah! We are created to live among other people and not invited to stay in a forest, even in the stone ages people like to live together. Loneliness shows a depressive state of mind where one needs to be social, to participates others, it returns pleasant moments. Societies, cities, even villas looks same when we share others, but when we stay alone, it supposedly to be a forest.

6. A person walking on the road:
Strange! It's really strange when a person just walking on the road, suddenly, comes to us and takes part in our activities, share us, cheer us and have a cup of tea with us …, how it is possible? Only the possible strangers are your relationships, not others or just walking on the roads. We have to respect our close relationships and friends, who always provided to share us, cheer us, help us.

7. Centered attention:
Yes! Sometimes or habitually, we are in meeting with others but our attention is not focused, which extremely loses the others care about us. This is a return of our habit / action which is directly proportional to a loss of others interest with us. Consequences are understood and its need to get ride over attention which must be centered.

This is a beauty of life even if the people are not beautiful. By the same angle as said, everyone can reach at the beautiful landscape of life and can portrait it wonderfully. Expectantly, by the optimistic attitude, anyone can achieve a loving life which brings cheer and success for all.