How to Find Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Online

The Internet is a great place to find design ideas – you can browse manufacturer's web sites, check product catalogs, plan out your budget, read customer reviews and, most importantly, seek out design inspiration.

Keep reading to discover the best places to look for kitchen redesign inspiration online.

1. Retailer web sites

Most large-scale home hardware retailers have extensive web sites that not only let you purchase materials, but also surf through project scrapbooks, project tutorials and models of perfect kitchens. You can often find helpful tools like wallpaper calculators and guides to specific products.

2. Manufacturers' web sites

Manufacturers of items like flooring, specialty countertops, custom ranges and sinkware typically have extensive web sites with full product catalogs available online. You can browse for kitchen ideas in their virtual showrooms or pinpoint exact items, their SKUs and their price points for future orders. At most of these sites you can also order a print copy of their catalog.

3. Home design magazines' web sites

Many magazine publishers post partial or bonus content online, giving you access to hundreds of ports, how-to tutorials, design ideas and inspiration walls that will motivate you. Look for sites with active web communities (see tip 6).

4. Contractors' web sites

Search for contractors with online publications to see before and after pictures of beautiful kitchens. You'll get a feel for what's possible while simultaneously researching potential contractors for your next big job.

5. Broadcasters' web sites

With so many home improvement television shows on the air today, most of them have web sites with detailed tutorials, additional info on product suppliers and photo galleries that are sure to inspire you. If you see something on TV that catches your eye, check back on the show's web site to get a detailed list of suppliers and manufacturers featured on the program.

6. Public forums

Public forums or message boards are a great place to bounce ideas off other do-it-yourself designers. You can post photos of your kitchen along with links to design ideas while other users provide you with feedback and suggestions. The interactive nature of forums and online communities allows you to not only find ideas, but also flesh them out with real people.

7. Photography sites

Try browsing photography sites like Google Image or Flickr and searching for images with the keywords "designer kitchen" or "kitchen remodel." You'll be surprised at how many unique images pop up that are chalk full of unedited, raw design ideas.