How To Find Quality Insulation Testers

There are a couple of things to look at when choosing high quality insulation testers. These gadgets are created to test electrical circuits. They come with a range of voltages. Some of the most popular voltages include, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V. Here are some benefits and features of a good insulation tester:

Features and Extras

Some of the best display monitors come with a large and easy-to-read analog monitor. This will make it simple for the consumer to read the results of each testing.

Other features should include a variety of voltage options. Most testers come with at least three voltage options that range in power. The top insulation testers have an insulation resistance to 400 MOhm and an automatic discharge circuit. Manufacturers are now building these testers to be more energy efficient, meaning their batteries can last longer.

These power meters usually require AA batteries to provide accurate test leads. When searching for a good tester, the consumer must also search for lock power features which will allow for extended test times. Most manufacturers will provide an extended list of specs with a data sheet for consumers or interested buyers.

Other power meters operate as a digital device. These types often have functions which will allow for testing connections. Consumers will be able to operate the device without having to manually hold it using a variety of functions. Sometimes the information can flash on the screen too quickly for the consumer to read it. This is why choosing an insulation tester with a data hold feature is a good idea. This feature allows the consumer to freeze any testing results in case they need to document them for their own references.

Some of the most powerful testers come with extra features such as a large backlit display. This will allow customers to go about insulation testing in areas where there is not a lot of light. Most of the time, the most powerful testers come with a high test voltage of at least 1000 V. They usually don’t have a variety of voltages the consumer can use, like the testers with a lesser amount of power.

With these types of insulation testers, the gadget usually comes with an auto hold or auto power off feature. This also helps in saving the life span of the battery. If a customer is worried about their safety, they can use a tester which has a high voltage applied warning buzzer.