How to Fix a Hole in Your Muffler Cheaply

Whats that terrible noise coming from your car? It was not there yesterday. Have you ever experienced this? Your car suddenly sounds like an overworked racing car. It’s attracting the attention of your neighbours as you leave and come home from work. When you start attracting the attention of your local police officer, that’s when it becomes a bigger problem. If you have not got the price of getting a new muffler there is an easy way to fix it temporarily and cheaply.

By temporarily I mean it should last more six months, which is more than adequate time to save up for a new one. I have used the method I am about to describe to you myself. Before you do any job you should get all the materials you need to do the job, especially this job. You don’t want to be half way through this job and suddenly remember something. You want to do this job as quickly as possible if you are like me, I don’t like working on cars. This job should take half an hour at the most, if you have all the materials readily accessible so you are not searching for them. The materials you will need are a thin piece of plate copper is good, steel or if you have to use tin which will rust eventually.

Depending on how big the hole is you want the plate to more than cover the hole with overlap. I was lucky enough to find some copper plate. Go to the $2 shop and get some picture hanging wire. Look on the packet, the wire should be enough to go round the muffler three times. You will need some good quality muffler putty. I know what your thinking putty does not last long but using it my way it does because most of the pressure is on the plate not the putty. You will also need some eye protection. Some old clothes to work in and and an old sheet or blanket to lay on. When you have all those things put the car where you don’t need to move it for at least 12 hours.

Do all your shopping and other chores while you are out so you have everything. If you have a garage well that’s even better. The picture hanging wire is very pliable and will be easy to bend around the muffler. So lay your old sheet or blanket on the ground under the muffler where you will work and get your old clothes on. Measure how much you need to go around the muffler with a bit extra to play with. Make sure the extra can be tied comfortably. Now cut the wire in three, the same lengths that you measured three times in other words. Now lay under the car with the three wires you now have and the piece of plate. Working the first piece of wire around the muffler until you can see the end so you can join it to its other end. Put a loop in one end and twist the end of the looped part around itself so it looks like a hangmans knot. You are creating a slipknot so the wire will be tight around the plate to help prevent fumes.

Now put the straight end into the loop and pull it like a rope around the centre of were the hole in the muffler is. Once you have your wire slip knot over the centre of the hole tight get the plate and slide it under the wire to cover the hole. Then tighten the wire as much as possible. Make sure the plate is flush against the muffler. Now do the same with the other two wires putting one over each end of the plate and slipknotting them tight. Just cut off the excess wire once it is secured to itself. Just check around the plate for gaps. There should not be any if you have done it right. Now all you have to do is go around the edge of the plate with the muffler putty.

If the putty did not come with a putty knife just use an old kitchen knife. It’s better to let the putty dry overnight for a better harder result. The whole job should take just half an hour. Having the plate over the hole and not just the putty puts less pressure on the putty and it lasts longer. The whole job should only cost $20 at he most and should last until you can buy a new muffler. I hope this has helped to keep you on the road until you do buy that new replacement muffler. The main reason it works so well is that a hard skin (the plate) is being put over the hole and not just the putty or a soft bandage. It has worked well for me I hope it works well for you. Happy motoring.