How to Fix Damaged Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum board ceiling is a new method of covering the underside of the roof space in a building previously done with soft boards, chipboards, tongue and groove jointed timber. Its advantageous to use gypsum board ceiling because of the many good properties it has which include but not limited to good fire resistance, easy to fix and light weight.

In the event that gypsum board ceiling is damaged due to water leakages or during repairs on the roof space, the procedure is to cut out the piece that is damaged along the supports or ceiling brandering first and measure out the piece to replace as it must be the same size to give good aesthetics.

The next step is to check the supports below the roof and establish whether they are made of aluminum, timber or steel. Pick the new piece of gypsum board and make sure it measures the same as the repair area and screw it back using the screws provided few millimeters into the board so as to ensure a smooth finish once painted.

Once the ceiling board is fixed back, pick the joint strip provided and paste it with gypsum adhesive to cover the joint between the new and old boards, such that the ceiling appears as one big board. The joint strip and new board are first painted with under coat and then a filler is applied and rubbed down after which two to three coats of paint should bring back the whole ceiling to its original beauty and state.