How to Fix Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error 28 "Out of Stack Space"

Runtime error 28 is commonly witnessed in Windows XP and Vista. In general, the runtime error will bother the user, since it arrests the program from execution. At times, the program will be terminated without a notice too. This error usually arises in the form of an alert box that subject “Out of stack space”. When examined, this error is mainly induced due to intense use of functions and sub calls while the Visual Basic procedure access the procedure files which is kept unloaded from the system memory. When this error pops up, the software will be terminated instantly without a notice.

The runtime error 28 can be due to multiple reasons, but the primary reason will be due to lack of stack space that is required to execute the macros present in the MS WORD 2000, MS VC++, PowerPoint and other files. Also when the windows registry is corrupted, this type of error might occur as well. Any damage in the program files that is connected with the memory space and applications will also be a major cause of this error. The missing support of the Data Link Library files and the mislaid hardware drivers will act as the root cause of this error.

To fix the runtime error 28, you must clean the windows registry with the use of the windows registry cleaning tool. Repairing the registry will overwhelm the faults and errors and moreover the issues will be eliminated. Well, repairing the windows registry is quite tricky and also it is not an easy job to get it done. A minor mystification will damage your computer and moreover it results in data loss too. This is why it is always good to take a backup before cleaning the registry with the cleaner software tool. Also, do not amend the registry manually as it will result in unexpected errors and also the files will become corrupted.

When cleaning the computer with the registry cleaner, it thoroughly examines the system and detects the root cause of the runtime error 28. It is good to avail the support of a technician if you don’t have an idea to resolve the issue. It is definitely hard for a layman to work on the issue and resolve it properly. When your computer registry is cleaned, make sure you install a strong antivirus software to prevent from the virus and malware attack, since your computer will at least be safe from the further damages.