How to Fix My Slice – 3 Tips to Permanently Cure Your Slice

There are few things more frustrating in golf than knocking one in the woods off the first tee, and the number 1 culprit is usually the slice. Many people ask me how do I fix my slice? Most of the time there are 3 reasons why people slice, and here I am going to share 3 tips that can help you fix these problems.

1. One of the most common problems that cause a slice is a weak grip. It is very unfortunate but many golfers are taught to grip the club in a neutral position, which works well for the advanced golfer, but causes a slice for the average weekend player. The average golfer who suffers a slice should have a strong grip, which means that the left hand should be more on top of the club with three knuckles showing, and the right hand would be more on the bottom of the club.

2. In addition to the grip, the average golfer who is asking how do I fix my slice should play golf with a slightly closed stance. A closed stance promotes an inside to out golf swing, which causes the club face to right right to left spin on the golf ball. This will make your shots have a slight draw instead of that dreadful slice.

3. Another common problem is what is referred to is "casting" the club from the top of the backswing. "This happens when people do not let the club come from the inside to strike the ball. Most average golfers try to overpower the golf Ball by coming over the top with the club, when you should start your downswing by rotating your hips slightly to the left for a right handed player. This Promotes a smoother golf swing and a better swing path, which will result is straighter drives.

So if you want to answer your question how do I fix my slice, then just try these three tips and you will be well on your way to beautiful straight drives! Do you want to know how I do it?