How To Fix NV4_Disp DLL Blue Screen Errors – NVidia Graphics Driver Error Fix

The NV4_Disp.dll NVidia Graphics Infinite Loop error is a problem that many Windows computers have, which is caused by the NVidia graphics driver on your system. This error will typically show on a blue screen and has its cause with the graphics driver of your PC performing an “Infinite Loop” on your system. In laymen’s terms, this basically means that the graphics driver on your PC cannot function properly, and takes up all of the memory your PC has – preventing it from operating correctly, leading it to show the blue screen error.

Although NVidia have not officially recognized the problem, there is a large community effort to fix the issue. The problem is all caused by the way in which the NVidia Graphics Driver on your PC is trying to use the NV4_Disp.dll file in an infinite loop. An infinite loop is where your computer will continually perform a task over and over again, because it has either not been coded correctly, or has some other error leading it to act in that way. When your graphics driver loops, it means that your computer cannot use it – leading to the error you’re seeing to appear.

Fixing the NV4_Disp.dll error is actually quite simple if you have access to the correct tools and techniques to do it. The way to repair the issue is to first try using a custom patch which has been developed by NVidia forum members. This patch will basically change some of the settings & code inside the NVidia graphics driver on your PC to prevent the infinite loop problem from occurring again. You should download the patch and follow the instructions given out by its developers to help resolve your issue. 

It’s also recommended that you upgrade your NVidia driver to the latest version, as well as trying to replace the NV4_Disp.dll file on your PC. If you can’t load up your PC in “normal” mode to do this, then it’s recommended you restart into “Safe Mode”, which will boot up your PC without any of the drivers or settings that could be causing a problem.

On top of that, you should look to use a “Registry cleaner” program to fix any of the possible problems and damage that could be inside the registry of your system. A registry cleaner is a software tool that’s been designed to clean out all the errors inside the registry database of your PC. The registry database is essentially a central directory where all your computer’s settings, files and options are stored so that Windows & your software tools can remember everything from your desktop wallpaper to your last open files. Although the registry is actually one of the most important parts of the Windows system, it’s also one of the biggest causes of errors on your PC. It could well be the case that a corrupt / damaged registry settings is causing the NV4_Disp.dll error on your system, which a registry cleaner program will be able to fix for you.