How to Fix Peeling Wallpaper

Peeling wallpaper is an eyesore. Follow these easy care tips to fix peeling wallpaper and keep it properly affixed to your wall.

Wallpaper is meant to last. Unfortunately, from time to time, the seams of the wallpaper may peel. Knowing what to do is essential and not hard at all.

So what to do about peeling wallpaper? This can be frustrating but it is actually pretty easy to remedy. First, do not use wallpaper paste or (heaven forbid) your kids' glue from your junk drawer. Trust me, doing it right the first time will save you potential hassles in the long run. You will need to purchase wallpaper seam repair adhesive. There are many brands available at your local home mega store but I have found two products that I think work best. They are: Zinsser and Red Devil.

First, apply the adhesive under the curling areas using a sponge brush, a Q-tip or your fingers. Then, with clean hands, press the paper down. Now, here is the secret trick: tape over the seam with blue painters tape, and press it down firmly. Use a wallpaper roller if you have one to help press it down.

Leave the tape on overnight. This gives the adhesive proper time to set. Next day, slowly and gently peel the tape off in the opposite direction of the seam. Do not pull the tape horizontally from the wall as this can increase the tension potentially ruin your repair job. Since painters tape is low tack it will not mar the wall mural at all or leave any residue.

And that's all there is to it. Easy!