How to Fix Red Ring of Death – Detailed Steps to Fix Red Ring of Death Error in Xbox 360

The red ring of death error occurs to at least one-fifth of Xbox 360 users. You will probably panic if this happens to you for the first time. Seeing red lights flashing on your console is very alarming. There is no reason to be scared though because this seemingly daunting problem is actually easy to fix.

At first, you might doubt yourself in repairing the Xbox 360 and you will send your broken console to a service center to fix red ring of death error. There is no problem with this for as long as you are willing to wait a few weeks to claim your console, and also willing to pay as much as $ 150 for repair.

However, before you decide on this, also look for other means to fix red ring of death by yourself. These options will definitely be less expensive and less time consuming. The internet is ample with guides on how to repair Xbox 360 errors yourself. Just be careful and make sure that it was written by an expert, and not by an ordinary gamer who might only be suggesting repair tips that will further damage your console.

Red ring of death is due to overheating most of the time. The electronic components inside break down and do not function properly. In many cases, you will be required to remove the casing to fix the hardware. You will find inside the GPU or graphics processing unit that is seen on top of the motherboard. You might notice that the soldiers are loose causing the GPU to move. This constant friction it creates causes overheating. So, what you have to do basically is to fix the soldiers.

Before you try this, make sure the console is turned off and unplugged. Remove the x-clamps that hold the GPU and motherboard together. With utmost care, fix the soldiers while making sure you do not break the electronic components. These are small parts that require a light touch only.

Check if everything is in order before you screw back the casing. If you did it right, your Xbox 360 will work okay again. In the future, avoid having to fix red ring of death again by playing in moderation to prevent overheating.