How to Fix Runtime Error 482

Runtime Error 482 is an error that’s caused when you try and use the “PrintForm” function inside Windows. The nature of the “runtime” error is such that it’s caused when your PC is trying to run a certain part of the system, and is consequently unable to. To fix this error, you need to be able to fix the problems that can cause it.

The Runtime Error 482 normally shows in this form:

  • Run-time error ‘482′: Printer Error
  • Printer Error

Because this error is continually making computers around the World unable to print out, or use specific functions, it’s important that you’re able to fix the various problems that cause it to show. In order to fix Runtime error 482, you should first rectify the PrintForm protocol inside Windows, and then clean out the ‘registry’ with a registry cleaner.

The Runtime Error 482 is primarily caused by the PrintForm function inside your PC either being corrupted or damaged. If you’re just an average user, you might not know what this is, or even how it’s used on your PC. This is more for programmers – because in order to stop the 482 error, you should first call “End Doc” before using PrintForm. This will allow Windows to perform the various functions it needs in the right way, allowing your PC to run without the error again.

After you’ve done that, you should then use a ‘registry cleaner’ to fix any damaged settings inside the registry of your PC. The registry is a central database which stores vital settings for Windows, including everything from your desktop wallpaper and your latest emails. The registry is often referred to as the “hidden workhorse” of Windows because it’s continually being used 100’s of times by your PC. The only problem is that it’s continually being damaged, causing your PC to run slower and with errors.

The Runtime 482 error can be caused if various printer settings inside the registry become damaged, making it essential you keep this part of your PC secure and functional. To do this, you need to use a ‘registry cleaner’, which is an automated tool that can fix all the damaged settings inside your PC.