How to Fix Timber Balustrades and Hand Rails on an Upper Family Room

Family rooms are resting living areas usually located on upper floors in a home. These rooms are used for watching television. These areas do not have walls on the side next to the stair well. This requires weddings and balustrades to be fixed on this part of the room without walls. The balustrades are fixed and blended with the floor finish. The method of anchoring to the abutting wall and floor is crucial to the strength of the railroads.

The fixing of timber balustrades on an upper family room, is done before the final floor finishes. The reason for this is to avoid drilling holes onto the timber and concrete floor after the finish is done. In a home where it is done as a replacement, the area of ​​the wall and floor is first stripped of the finishes. There are different timber balusters used in the construction. The shapes can be square or round. The timber used is hard wood for durability.

The family room timber balustrades are fixed onto a four by two timber screwed into the concrete. This timber is laid on the four side to have a rise of two inches. It is drilled and screwed into the concrete along the edge of the stair well. The balusters are made with a steel dowel that will be screwed onto the four by two flat timber. This balusters are spaced at one foot center to center. They are there inches thick. The hand rail is fixed on top.

The height of the timber baluster is three feet. The hand rail is fixed into the wall at least three inches inside. The length is the same as that of the stair well. Once the hand rail is in place, the railing boards are then fixed. These are six by one inch thick. They are spaced at eight inches center to center. After they are in place, varnishing can be done to the desired effect. After this wall and floor finishes are then transported out as desired.