How to Gain Lean Muscle Fast!

How to gain lean muscle fast? A question for the ages for the skinny guys! We all dream to have the rock solid body showing off beautiful muscles, but how do you get to that point? That's were most can fall apart.

Knowing what to do and what not to do goes a long way to your success in finding out how to gain lean muscle fast. So here are some vital things to know through your muscle building process.

We all can find ourselves lifting and lifting without any thought process to go along without work out. We simply believe that we just lift weights and gain muscle fast. That's not the case. Aside from proper technique, you should always look to keep adding weight to your lifts.

This is crucial to helping you gain muscle fast! Why? Our muscles need to be pushed to grow. If you continuously stick to curling 40LBS for weeks you will only have that much muscle to continuously lift 40LBS. Add weight and force yourself to gain muscle.

Second, while in the process of adding weight gradually, use and interchangeable technique to keep your muscles off balance. Never give your body any excuse to adapt and become comfortable. To keep yourself out of a plateau, change your rep ranges, rhythm, pump and pace to help shock your muscles into growth.

Do not be scared to eat at night. The common misconception is that you will gain fat if you eat 3-4 hours prior to your bed time. This is only true if you feed your body that fat. As long as you are achieving your daily caloric intake by the end of the night by eating muscle gaining foods you will only help ease the process of gaining muscle weight and help yourself recover.