How to Get a Harley-Davidson Shovelhead and Get On the Road Quick

It is possible to find a great Harley-Davidson Shovelhead bike for a great price and get it on the road quick. It’s important to understand up front what is necessary to get the bike going before the purchase is even made. By knowing what to look for and taking stock of what needs to be done to the bike up front allot of time and money can be saved.

When checking out the bike be sure to take notes on what needs to be repaired or replaced before the bike can be on the road. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the big picture when checking out a bike and forget the little things the need replacing that could cost time and money. For example, the bike needs new tires, the gas tank leaks, the seat is falling off. None of these are the end of the world but combined they add up to a fair amount of time and expense necessary to bring them up to par.

Ask questions of the current owner if possible and decide how valid the information is. This is going to take some intuition as it’s at times advantageous for the seller to keep some information under wraps. Many times sellers won’t be honest about the bike which becomes especially important if the bike is not in running condition. This makes it tough to detect exactly what issue caused the bike to quit. Was it a short in a wire, or did the cylinders lose compression. Depending on the issue this could be minor or a serious issue.

Keep in mind there is always another deal around the corner and don’t be afraid to walk away. It’s easy when checking out a bike to get all wrapped up in having it today. You’ll benefit greatly if you have no fear in walking away and looking for a better deal. This is what differentiates those that know how to get great deals from those that don’t. Those with the experience to know that there is always another deal around the corner have the ability to dodge bad deals and increase the odds of finding a good one.

Finding a used bike and getting it on the road can be allot of fun. By selecting a bike on qualities other than simply price the odds will be increased that a good deal will be had. Although someone else may be finished with the bike this doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect bike for you.