How to Get Along With Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Getting Along Does Not Mean Loving

The fun of astrology is that it is not an agreed upon science, nor a religion, but somehow parts of it grab most of us. That’s the fun of it, and that’s our short hand way of figuring out our loved ones and also chatting about this mystery subject. Since this is an art, along with the blending of astro talk and ancient texts which speak about the signs, there is no absolute fixity about this topic. However, there are elements of the sun signs which apart from subjective experience do tend to shine a light the way we manifest our characters in this earthly realm.

The Point of this Article:

There are tricks to getting along. Let’s not talk about beating them in an argument, tricking them into romance or dominating them. Let’s just talk about getting along. It is, in a sense, what life first asks us to do, and in a way, its the hardest thing we are asked to do, especially with certain sun signs.

The “Getting Along” Intuition –

I will cover the other signs in other articles, but the intuition involved in Getting Along with the various Sun Signs has to do with picking up from each Soul what is the main tune that they are playing. What is the main message beaming out of their eyes? Look for the core of what a Sun Sign is and then observe them playing their song and manifesting themselves in their particular unique ways. Once you have a fix on that, then ride along with them and appreciate them for what they are and see how it plays out in the external world. Then your patience concerning that perceived reality allows you to envelope them with a bubble of tolerance. This all ends up benefiting you, as you make your way through the field of human relationships. Let’s take a look at Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Capricorn – The Mythological Goat Creature Who Is About Climbing the Mountain –

Make no mistakes about it. Capricorns are complex achievers. The word “achievers” is the key one. They want to ascend. If you are in the way, they will ascend over you with a quick wit, a put down, a bit of ironic humor about sex or some other human activity. They want to look down on everything by the end of their lives. They believe in climbing the mountain. Little mountains, medium mountains, giant mountains — they want the sense of achievement, no matter where they are. People can mistake them for being overly serious, but then they have some of the best senses of humor in the zodiac. They are cutting and funny and think the whole of the human condition is somewhat laughable. In that laughter lies the core of their secret.

Their secret is that they are in a kind of constant puzzlement over why they are so caught up with climbing the mountain. Who said they had to climb the mountain? They don’t know. Like the Blues Brothers, they are on a “mission from God”. Capricorn knows they have this mission, but darned it they aren’t in a puzzle about who gave them this programming. If they were not burdened with this hard wired aspect, life would be so much more simple. And so, as they meet you, they could be hard to get along with. If they do not see you as important to their interests, they could look right through you. Its not that they can’t be engaging, funny and almost wildly clever, but if you are not on their radar screen, they might just not even see you.

So, in order to get along with Capricorn, (if its important to you), let Capricorn figure out that you are superior, smart and worldly wise. Then they will start to respect you. If you engage them with the same clever and ambitious style that they carry with them, they will enjoy your company and put you on their map. Most of what I am saying is below the conscious level. It has to do with what drives the Capricorn upward and onward. In order to get along with them, try to see the path they think they are on. Don’t dismiss achievement. Don’t be unfunny. Don’t think sex and cute tawdry stories are dumb or drab. Be ready to giggle and nod a knowing nod. Then be willing to drop back to just plain old achievement, because that’s where they are.

Aquarius – “I don’t think, I just know. And since I know, realize, its good for you.” –

A true burden can be to be born with the idea that you know what’s best for humanity. That is over stating this issue for humor, but the Aquarius, the Water Bearer, does have to carry around this barrel of water to let it flow down upon us all. In the midst of all these pictures, its important to get an image. The Aquarius is an odd sort. Its hard to get a fix on them because so much of what they conclude is intuitive, rather than all thought out. Yet they have the supreme confidence of the Intuitive. It kind of goes together. If you are going to be intuitive, you had better be confident about your intuitions. Since you did not THINK it all through, but rather KNOW it to be true, you had better have a sense of surety about it.

Aquarians can be extremely impersonal on the one-on-one level. If you are trying to get along with them, you will have a warm sense of mild success, as they look into your eyes. You can feel like they are almost loving you. Then they will turn away suddenly, look at someone else, turn back and ask: “What was your name again?” That’s what its like getting along with an Aquarius in the beginning. In this sense Capricorn and Aquarius are somewhat alike. The Aqaurian will be warmer, but they will be distant, whereas the Capricorn will be colder, but closer in engaging you as a person. But the same sense of “Am I really here?” will probably occur to you. Aquarians can be almost everything at once. Its hard to generalize about their personalities. They can be ingenious, smarter than even they know, and remarkably humanistic in their approaches. Consequently, they can be revolutionaries just because its the best idea going. The best example of Aquarius in action was Abraham Lincoln. He came up with all of the controversial and humanistic and powerful ideas in ONE HEAD, and knew he was right, and then stayed with those positions. That does not mean he does not have his detractors. But Lincoln was the classical Aquarius.

Get along with them by not trying to get along with them. No, really! The more impersonal you are with them, the more they will respect you. The INDIRECT approach is the best with Aquarius. Don’t abuse them or insult them, they won’t know why you are being lowered to a more common level. Keep your sense of perspective. Act a bit like a philosopher and you will make the Aquarian’s head turn. Of course, what is probably already obvious, you need to make them feel like they are wise, big minded and truly far-sighted. They want to be smarter, yes. But they want to be wiser, more than anything else. They must feel like they have good intentions. If they do something wild and out of control, realize that in their heads they are fixing some unseen problem that mankind carries. All humor aside. Take Aquarius like they think they are. They are not going to change their minds. Do not ever expect them to change their minds.

Pisces – “Understanding and Empathic. No Wonder its hard to be Happy.” –

Like the Capricorn, the mythological image is more than a Fish, but we will stay with the Fish, like we stayed with the Goat. The Piscean individual has got the subconscious world pretty close to the surface. They understand so many things at once, that often they can not express it. They have empathy to spare, but sometimes not too much sympathy. In the bigger sense of the word, they see it all and feel it all and comprehend it all. But by the time it gets to their “noggen”, it concludes in a general sense of pity, love and malaise. A Pisces has probably come from a complex past and is down here to kind of sum things up in this life time. They often are going in different directions at once, but that is because they deeply know that duality means that opposite directions end up in the same place, on the other side of the globe. So much of what Pisces knows and feels and comprehends is below the verbal level. So often you just look in their eyes and come up with whatever your best impression is.

A Pisces is often very easy to get along with, as long as they are not depressed or overly self-involved. Their self-involvement often comes not from true selfishness, but rather in trying to sort out their interior oceanic emotional and psychic world. So you can get along with Pisces. They are disarming, warm, mellow and sweetly engaging. If you just smile and enjoy their company, you will be able to get along. Occasionally, ask how they are doing, and they will see that you have real concern.

A friendship with a Pisces has to do with whether you share values and issues and a meeting of the minds exists. If you get an “unevolved” Pisces, they can be awash in feelings of sadness, and use differing drugs/prescriptions and other substances to bring them from one state to the next. Pisces carries a warning. Sometimes FEELINGS can be destructive. There is not an inherent value in psychic or subconscious insights. Its what you do with them. We have our marvelous brains, so that we will not be drowned in the emotional electronic circuits that play themselves out in our craniums. However, the fully conscious mature person with a cosmic sense of things can be incredible marvelous company. A Piscean can be a friend that will stick with you forever, just because you are a friend. A Piscean can be offputting if overly involved in their internal process, but a true easy to get along with member of the zodiac if you wish to.