How to Get Customers For Your Painting and Decorating Business

There really is no magic to getting good customers who want the work done and who are happy to pay.

No magic at all.

But there’s a right way to do it and a way to mess it up – as usual.

Here’s what you need to do:

• Have a quality handout or flyer which will get people to contact you asking for a quotation. I have an example of a flyer which will work well for you. It is in my manual ‘How to set up and successfully run a painting and decorating business’. All you have to do is to insert your details in the appropriate places and get it printed off or print it yourself on a computer printer. Alternatively, get one good copy and go to your local photocopy shop. You should be able to get 1000 printed off for less than £25.00. Not a bad deal at all. Your first job should pay for this easily.

• Get it distributed reliably and to the right areas. By ‘To the right areas’ I mean through the letterboxes of houses where people live who actually have the money to pay for your services. These people will be: homeowners, In work, Living on streets where other homeowners like to take care of their properties.

• Place an advertisement in your local Thompson’s directory. It’s local, it gets read, and should get you business. You should expect to pay about £150 – £200.00 for a simple box ad. You can check this out with your local Thompson’s Representative. It’s also a lot cheaper than Yellow Pages (where your advertisement may get ‘drowned’ by all the others) and in my opinion, proportionately better value for money.

• In time, you can easily get a small website which promotes your services and contains pictures of work you have completed, contact details etc.

• When people respond to your flyer, or your advertisement make certain they get a good response from you or whoever answers the telephone. Courtesy is important. Take care to get their: Telephone number, Address, Full name, and establish a time to see them which you will of course note down and repeat back to them so you know you’ve got it right.

• When people call you to ask you for a quotation, make an appointment to see them within 48 hours. You want to appear interested, but not desperate. (Even if you are desperate!).

• Turn up at the time agreed.